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A RUNning store

run by runners.


Our Fitting Process

Step 1 — We get to know our customers by gathering information. We need to know what activity the shoes will be used for and if the customer has any current or recurring injuries.

Step 2 —  We analyze each customers gait by watching them walk barefoot. We also look at current or old shoes to determine a wear pattern.

Step 3 — We select shoes using the information gathered from Step 1 and 2. We do not measure feet because each shoe fits different; we instead fit the shoes to your feet.

Step 4 - We set our customers up for success by talking about proper shoe care, shoes average lifetime, training tips, and answer any questions customers may have.


Upcoming Events


Online Shop


Gift cards and a limited number of Swags apparel are available in our online shop. All other products are only available in-store.


Training Tips

Keep your head up and your eyes looking ahead to improve your posture. Leaning forward increases the load on your lower back and can lead to injury.

Don’t overthink it. Your body was built to run, let it be a reflex.

Wear proper apparel and shoes.



Our knowledgeable staff is made up of athletes in every stage of life. At Swags you will find someone who is trained to empathize, help, support, and encourage you to find the best tools and gear to aid you in being the best version of yourself.